Cockapoo Breeders That Families Across
Canada Rely On: Our Unyielding Commitment

When families embark on the search for Cockapoo breeders in Toronto, Ontario and beyond, their journey is marked with hope and expectations. As one of the most distinguished Cockapoo breeders in Ontario and across Canada, we at Cockapoo Puppies Canada don’t just fulfill those expectations; we aim to surpass them. Our unwavering commitment is not only to the delightful Cockapoo companions we raise but equally to the new fur-families who open their hearts and homes to them.

Our Cockapoo Breeders’ Transparent Promise
to Our New Pet Families

Warranty & Assurance

  • 5 Year Congenital Guarantee: Promising longevity and happiness.
  • 5 Day Viral Guarantee: Confidence in the health of every puppy.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Your satisfaction remains our top priority.*

Complete Clarity


All our puppies go home with a full-disclosure physical exam performed by our licensed veterinarian. They receive their first booster (core vaccine) and undergo multiple dewormings to ensure they’re in peak health.


Unwavering Support


Questions about your new friend? Our dedication extends beyond the adoption. Call us anytime at 416-806-0835 for guidance and assurance from our responsible Cockapoo breeders.

Adorable Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Ontario

Comprehensive Health Guarantee

Protection Against Congenital Defects


If a licensed vet determines within the first 5 years that your Cockapoo puppy has an uncorrectable life-threatening congenital abnormality, we commit to providing a replacement puppy. While the new puppy might differ in some attributes, we’ll make every effort to ensure your satisfaction.


Please note, we do not cover umbilical hernias, overbites, underbites or soft spots (fontanel) since these conditions do not affect the quality or span of your puppy’s life.


Viral Infection Assurance


Our confidence in the health of our puppies allows us to offer a 5-day viral infection guarantee. If your puppy is diagnosed with an incurable viral infectious disease within this time, you get a full refund.


Worms and Parasites


Each puppy is dewormed thrice as per our veterinarian’s recommendations. For their continued well-being, always heed the advice of your vet regarding further treatments.


The Essentials


Every Cockapoo puppy receives their first booster (DHPP core vaccine), 3 dewormings, and a detailed physical exam report. Depending on the season, we also provide preventive treatment for fleas and ticks.


Additional Notes


While we strive to provide thorough training, including pee-pad training, they may still have occasional accidents and you may need to continue training. Always refer to the provided potty training information.


Any costs associated with delivery are non-refundable, and we aren’t liable for any vet bills incurred for any reason whatsoever.


We do not provide any guarantees about the suitability of your new puppy as a breeding dog in the future.

*Some conditions apply