Health Guarantee

All of our puppies go home with a 5 year congenital defect guarantee:

If within the first 5 years of the Cockapoo puppy's life any licensed veterinarian determines that your puppy has a life threatening congenital abnormality that can not be corrected by any means (surgery, medication, etc) we will provide you a replacement puppy. We can not guarantee that the new puppy will be from the same parents or the same colour/shade etc as your original puppy, however, we will work closely with you to ensure your satistfaction.

Please note: We do not cover umbilical hernia's, over bites, under bites or soft spots (fontanel) as they do not affect the puppy from living a natural life.

All of our puppies go home with a 7 day viral infection guarantee:

If within the first 7 days your puppy is diagnosed with a viral infectious disease that can not be cured we will issue you a full refund. We are proud to offer a full 7 days because we are confident that our puppies are free of any viral diseases.

Worms and Parasites:

All of our puppies have been dewormed on 3 occasions with various medications as per recommendation of our veterinarian to eradicate worms and other parasites, however, your veterinarian may suggest additional treatments for parasites or worms depending on results obtained from a fecal test. There are a number of ways a puppy can obtain worms and parasite levels can flare up from even stress. This is in the best interest of your puppy and is to be done at your discretion. We strongly recommend that you always follow the advice of your veterinarian.

The Basics:

We do guarantee that all of our Cockapoo puppies go home with their first booster (DHPP core vaccine), 3 dewormings in accordance with our veterinarians deworming schedule, and a physical exam with a report of their findings. Also, depending on the time of year, we will give the puppies a preventative treatment for fleas and ticks.

Other Notes:

We can not guarantee that your new puppy will be one day suitable for breeding (to either sire or whelp puppies). We also do our best to train our Cockapoo puppies to use a pee-pad and/or to go to the bathroom outside. Our pups are intelligent and learn very quickly, however, we do not represent them as being 100% potty trained and toileting accidents are inevitable. We will provide information about potty training to you. In addition, any subjective discrepancies which can present themselves months or even years after one of our puppies are adopted are to be fully investigated by a licensed veterinarian at your expense.

*** At no time can we be held liable or responsible for any vet bills that you may incur. ***

Please note: Any costs that have been paid for delivery of you new puppy are not refundable.